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Faculty & Staff

Administration & Office

Photo of Kaleb Yates
Kaleb Yates Principal
Photo of Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson Assistant Principal
Photo of Michelle Bailey
Michelle Bailey Administrative Assistant
Photo of Kedra Simpson
Kedra Simpson Office Assistant
Photo of Cory Bryan
Cory Bryan Head Custodian
No Photo Available
Dan Williams Night Lead Custodian


Photo of Brittany Ballam
Brittany Ballam Teacher
Photo of Christine Ballard
Christine Ballard Kindergarten Literacy Aide
Photo of Lindsay Berger
Lindsay Berger Teacher

1st Grade

Photo of Liz Birnel
Liz Birnel First Grade Classroom Aide
Photo of Christie Clayburn
Christie Clayburn Teacher
Photo of Lisa Pearson
Lisa Pearson Teacher
Photo of Jodee Shelton
Jodee Shelton Teacher

2nd Grade

No Photo Available
Lori Enquist Second Grade Classroom Aide
Photo of Mary Loeser
Mary Loeser Teacher
Photo of Jayme Nielson
Jayme Nielson Teacher
Photo of Ron Squire
Ron Squire Teacher

3rd Grade

Photo of Audrey Alvey
Audrey Alvey Teacher
Photo of Patricia Armacost
Patricia Armacost Teacher
Photo of Melissa Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds Teacher

4th Grade

Photo of Marilyn England
Marilyn England Teacher
Photo of Heather Forsgren
Heather Forsgren Teacher
Photo of Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen Teacher
Photo of Suzanne Thompson
Suzanne Thompson Teacher

5th Grade

Photo of Shelley Bailey
Shelley Bailey Teacher
Photo of Kimberlee Reynolds
Kimberlee Reynolds Teacher
Photo of Mikkel Rock
Mikkel Rock Teacher
Photo of Abigail Slaugh
Abigail Slaugh Teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Tayler Andrew
Tayler Andrew Teacher
Photo of Jill Firkins
Jill Firkins Teacher
Photo of Shelby Fisk
Shelby Fisk Teacher
Photo of Ashley Griffin
Ashley Griffin Teacher

Instructional Coach

Photo of Andrea Warren
Andrea Warren Instructional Coach


Photo of Chris Chatelain
Chris Chatelain Resource Aide
No Photo Available
Debbie Hammond Speech
Photo of Mary Hollibush
Mary Hollibush Guidance
Photo of Alisa Jones
Alisa Jones Guidance
Photo of Heather Lyon
Heather Lyon Resource Teacher
Photo of Julie Sorenson
Julie Sorenson Speech
Photo of Cheri Starkie
Cheri Starkie Resource Aide
Photo of JoElen Worner
JoElen Worner Resource Teacher


No Photo Available
David Castellanos-Fuentes Preschool Speech Specialist
Photo of Sabrina Denison
Sabrina Denison Preschool Teacher
No Photo Available
Adriana Doyle Preschool
Photo of Allyson Fox
Allyson Fox Preschool

Nutrition Services

Photo of Kristie Butterfield
Kristie Butterfield Nutrition Worker
Photo of Mary Fullmer
Mary Fullmer Nutrition Worker
Photo of Liz Gates
Liz Gates Nutrition Worker
Photo of Sherrie Hoffman
Sherrie Hoffman Lunch Manager
Photo of Cindy Parker
Cindy Parker Lunch Clerk
Photo of Maylin Schmidt
Maylin Schmidt Nutrition Worker

Educational Support Professionals

No Photo Available
Elizajo Alder Media Assistant
Photo of Lisa Casper
Lisa Casper Playground/Workroom Aide
Photo of Lisa Fackrell
Lisa Fackrell Playground/Workroom Aide
Photo of Terah Fullmer
Terah Fullmer Art Aide
Photo of Jen Hunt
Jen Hunt Student Aide
Photo of Laura Kettenring
Laura Kettenring ART Aide
Photo of Hailey Morgan
Hailey Morgan Computers Aide
Photo of David Packard
David Packard Custodial Aide
No Photo Available
Diane Rosander Literacy Aide
Photo of Mari Smith
Mari Smith STEM Aide
Photo of Susan Smith
Susan Smith STEM Aide
Photo of Jill Tucker
Jill Tucker Media Assistant
Photo of Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker Computers Aide
No Photo Available
Katey White Student Aide