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Faculty & Staff


Photo of Cammie Chang Cammie Chang Assistant Principal
Photo of Baylee Lansford Baylee Lansford Principal


Photo of Michelle Bailey Michelle Bailey Administrative Assistant
Photo of Chris Chatelain Chris Chatelain OFFICE ASSISTANT
Photo of Kiersten Downey Kiersten Downey Office Assistant


Photo of Christine Ballard Christine Ballard Teacher
Photo of Falon Nielson Falon Nielson Teacher
Photo of Jodee Shelton Jodee Shelton Teacher

1st Grade

Photo of Christie Clayburn Christie Clayburn Teacher
Photo of Olympia Mortensen Olympia Mortensen Teacher
Photo of Lisa Pearson Lisa Pearson Teacher
Photo of Jaime Tuttle Jaime Tuttle Teacher

2nd Grade

Photo of Ryan Hansen Ryan Hansen Teacher
Photo of Mary Loeser Mary Loeser Teacher
Photo of Ron Squire Ron Squire Teacher
Photo of Brooklyn Wease Brooklyn Wease Teacher

3rd Grade

Photo of Audrey Alvey Audrey Alvey Teacher
Photo of Kristen Nielsen Kristen Nielsen Teacher
Photo of Melissa Reynolds Melissa Reynolds Teacher
Photo of Kimberly Sanders Kimberly Sanders Teacher

4th Grade

Photo of Robert Ballew Robert Ballew Teacher
Photo of Heather Forsgren Heather Forsgren Teacher
Photo of Kimberly Herbert Kimberly Herbert Teacher
Photo of Suzanne Thompson Suzanne Thompson Teacher

5th Grade

Photo of Shelley Bailey Shelley Bailey Teacher
Photo of Ashley Griffin Ashley Griffin Teacher
Photo of Kimberlee Reynolds Kimberlee Reynolds Teacher
Photo of Abigail Slaugh Abigail Slaugh Teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Carrie Donahue Carrie Donahue Teacher
Photo of Marilyn England Marilyn England Teacher
Photo of Jill Firkins Jill Firkins Teacher
Photo of Linda Irick Linda Irick Teacher

Instructional Coach

Photo of Andrea Warren Andrea Warren Instructional Coach


Photo of Alisa Jones Alisa Jones School Psych
Photo of Heather Lyon Heather Lyon Resource Teacher
Photo of Trudy McCombs Trudy McCombs Speech
Photo of Sheri Morris Sheri Morris Counselor
Photo of Katie Pavia Katie Pavia Speech


Photo of LuAnn Biesinger LuAnn Biesinger Pre-K Aide
Photo of Allyson Fox Allyson Fox Pre-K Aide
Photo of Lindsey Holbrook Lindsey Holbrook Preschool Aide
Photo of Rebecca Hunt Rebecca Hunt Pre-K Teacher
Photo of Em Mertlich Em Mertlich Pre-K Speech


Photo of Greg Bennet Greg Bennet Head Custodian
Photo of Sam Beyer Sam Beyer NIGHT CUSTODIAN

Nutrition Services

Photo of Kristie Butterfield Kristie Butterfield Nutrition Worker
Photo of Mary Fullmer Mary Fullmer Nutrition Worker
Photo of Liz Gates Liz Gates Nutrition Worker
Photo of Sherrie Hoffman Sherrie Hoffman Lunch Manager
Photo of Nicole Nighbur Nicole Nighbur Nutrition Worker
Photo of Cindy Parker Cindy Parker Lunch Clerk

Educational Support Professionals

Photo of Cassie Ash Cassie Ash P.E.
Photo of Amanda Bona Amanda Bona Literacy Aide
Photo of Sara Brooksby Sara Brooksby Resource Aide
Photo of Jennifer Brown Jennifer Brown Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Sara Carrillo Sara Carrillo Resource Aide
Photo of Lisa Casper Lisa Casper Playground/Workroom Aide
Photo of Annie Clark Annie Clark Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Joseph Cook Joseph Cook Music
Photo of Heather Cooper Heather Cooper Computers/Golden Gate
Photo of Laura Dawes Laura Dawes Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Lori Enquist Lori Enquist Classroom Aide
Photo of Megan Halverson Megan Halverson Resource Aide
Photo of Karen Hooper Karen Hooper Media Assistant
Photo of Laura Kettenring Laura Kettenring ART
Photo of RaeAnna Kirk RaeAnna Kirk School Nurse
Photo of Emily Kocik Emily Kocik Art
Photo of Alyssa Mackay Alyssa Mackay Playground/Workroom Aide
Photo of Ashley Olson Ashley Olson Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Becky Peirce Becky Peirce Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Lisa Price Lisa Price Literacy Aide
Photo of Amber Schoenfeld Amber Schoenfeld Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Mari Smith Mari Smith STEM
Photo of Susan Smith Susan Smith STEM
Photo of Tiffanie Sterzer Tiffanie Sterzer Walk to Read Aide
Photo of Jill Tucker Jill Tucker Media Assistant
Photo of Savannah Walker Savannah Walker Kindergarten Aide