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Parking Lot Procedures

Loading/Unloading Rules and Procedures


Please take a few minutes to review the school rules for drop off and pick up of students at Jordan Hills. We notice an increase of unsafe practices and need to correct them so our student can arrive safely and on time. We need your cooperation. Please follow these rules to ensure student safety and a quicker drop off and pick up.

  1. There is no parking in the roundabouts, this is a drop-off zone only. If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in the visitor parking.
  2. Please escort your child through the parking lot, and use the crosswalk. It is very dangerous for student to cross parking lots without an adult escort. We always want to avoid this.
  3. Pull all the way forward in the roundabouts when dropping off or picking up.   Do not stop and wait in front of the kindergarten area. This is why the cones are there.
  4. Have your child exit on the RIGHT side of the vehicle. Do not let children exit into the thru lane, it is not safe.
  5. Never stop in the thru lane and wait or let your children out or in the vehicle. It isn’t safe and it blocks traffic.
  6. Adhere to “thru traffic having the right of way”.
  7. Do not drop off on 4800 W, this is not a safe drop off zone.
  8. Do not stop ON the crosswalk.
  9. Avoid distractions.
  10. The parking lot is now ONE WAY. Do not park behind vehicles.

Be courteous to all traffic, pedestrians, and other vehicles. We are all at this school for the same reason. We all love our children and want to set an excellent example for them and keep them safe.

Your cooperation is absolutely necessary for safety.