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Dear Parents and Guardians,

            This is a very special year for Jordan Hills Elementary.  Our school has officially been open for 20 years!  To celebrate, we are going to have a “Fall Back In Time” party on November 12th at 6:30 pm.   In 1998 a time capsule was created and sealed with the intention that it would be opened twenty years later.  Jordan Hills was dedicated on November 12, 1998 so we chose that day to open the time capsule and to celebrate this year.  We hope everyone can come out and join us for treats and fun.

With our school year well underway, we have had some great things to celebrate at Jordan Hills.  Our “Funraiser” was a great success.  Many families came out to support our school and our PTA last month.  We had a great time and appreciate all the time and effort that our PTA put into making it such a fun experience.   We want to invite all parents to come be a part of PTA and also to attend our School Community Council meetings.  You can find more information about both PTA and School Community Council on our webpage.

Another celebration is in the academic growth we have seen our students make both last year and at the beginning of this year.  SAGE scores for Jordan Hills were higher than both the state and district averages in all areas.  Our DIBELS scores were also something to celebrate with 80% of our 3rd grade students on or above level and 75% of our second graders on or above level at the beginning of this year.  Kudos to the students and teachers for their hard work and to parents and families for their support!

Last month, the new Prestigious Cub Award booklets went home with students.  We are excited to present this new format of the traditional Bear Cub Award for students.  The award is intended to help students have more input in their own learning goals and to work at their own levels.  Parent and student feedback is always welcome.  The feedback we receive this year will be taken into account as we move into next year.   We are always striving to improve and refine what we do at the school.

With fall weather upon us and the temperature falling, please help students to remember to dress appropriately to stay warm and comfortable for outside times such as recess and going to and from school.  Also, it is very helpful to have student names written in all jackets and outerwear.  Each year we have several lost pieces of outerwear that go unclaimed.  If we have names in these articles of clothing, we can return them to the correct owner.

Thank you for your commitment to education and for the teaching and support you give to your children at home.  Jordan Hills is a great place to be because we have such a wonderful community.  I feel very privileged to work with your children and to be part of this school.

All the best,

Mrs. Lovell