Jordan Hills Elementary



Dear Families,

We want to thank everyone for the excellent support we had at Parent/Teacher Conferences. Our teachers really appreciate having the time to sit down with each parent and student to celebrate successes and talk about instructional needs. At Jordan Hills, we realize that we are working as partners with parents and families to best meet the needs of students and we very much appreciate the support our students get from home.

We would like to congratulate and thank the students who participated in the Reflections program this year. We had many creative, excellent submittals. It’s great to see the amazing talent our students have! We also want to thank Deanna Taylor for the hard work she did in organizing and running this program. Everything ran smoothly due to her diligence and the support that came from PTA.

As the weather starts to change, we always see in increase problems in the drop off/pick up area. We would just like to remind everyone to pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD when dropping off or picking up, and to make the stop as quick as possible so other cars can get in. We cannot have extended stops in the drop off and pick up area. If students need some extra time to get in or out of the vehicle, we ask parents to use the parking lot. We encourage everyone to be patient and courteous during the drop off/pick up process.

We also want to remind our students to dress appropriately for the weather. We have recess whenever possible and want our students to stay warm and dry. It is also very helpful to have winter items labeled so we can return lost items to their owner.

We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday break. We are thankful for our wonderful students and for the amazing families we get to work with every day.   We hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe break!


Michelle Lovell, Principal


Our Mission: Every Child, Every Day!

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